CLINIDERM is proud to participate in dermatological conferences which help advance research in skin care. CLINIDERM supports programs that provide solutions and bring relief to people with sensitive or atopic skin.

CONTACT DERMATITIS 2008: Blending science with best practice

The purpose of the conference was to foster scientific exchange among scientists from the academic, government, and industrial sectors, as well as among regulators and clinicians working in the field of contact dermatitis. It allowed participants to gain a greater appreciation of each group’s needs and results, which in turn will lead to more focused and relevant research in the field.

CLINIDERM was a bronze sponsor.

The "Fondation d’aide Directe-SIDA Montréal"

The Mission of F.A.D.S.M. is to bring financial and material support to impoverished people living with HIV/AIDS to enable them to maintain living conditions adapted to their needs.

CLINIDERM participated with a product contribution.

Amgen Oncology Canada patient kit program

Amgen Oncology Canada offers a Patient Sample Kit for terminal colon cancer patients. An unfortunate side effect of colon cancer treatment is moderate-to-severe skin reactions, which occur in about 90% of patients. The idea is to assist patients during their treatment by easing these side effects.

CLINIDERM participated with a product contribution.

An Encore Presentation of the Gluten Intolerance Festival Canadian Celiac Association

The Canadian Celiac Association is a national organization dedicated to providing services to support people afflicted with celiac disease and/or Dermatitis Herpetiformis through programs of awareness, advocacy, education and research.

CLINIDERM participated with a product contribution.