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A cookie is necessary to help you navigate this website. This temporary RAM (Random Access Memory) file is automatically deleted when you close your internet session. If you choose to save your password on our website, this file will be saved in the cache memory of your computer and will identify you during your next visit.

No part of this cookie shall be used by APCI Pharma other than for the uses stated before.

Automatically transmitted information

When you access our website (www.Cliniderm.ca), some data is automatically transmitted between your computer and the server hosting our website. Please note that this data cannot, by its nature, be used by us to identify you personally, except in extraordinary cases, but is received in accordance with the technological requirements inherent to internet browsing and is used only for statistical purposes.

When you access our website, the following data is exchanged between your computer and the server hosting our website:

Your internet domain name (for example, APCI PHARMA s domain name is Cliniderm.ca ) and the IP address from which you access APCI PHARMA’s website (the IP address (1) is the number your internet provider assigns your computer each time you browse the internet).

The browser type and operating system that you use to access the CLINIDERM website; this data is necessary for the server to send you a file that is compatible with your computer system.

The date and hour of your logon to our website; the pages you visit; the address from which you access our website, if you access it directly from inside another website (in that case, that website is called a referrer website ).

APCI PHARMA anonymously collects the data needed to monitor the number of visits on the website, the most visited pages, the technology platforms, referrer sites and country of origin of guests of the website.

Use of personal and confidential information

APCI PHARMA is committed to the protection of your confidential information (2).
When you voluntarily send us personal or otherwise confidential information through an electronic form, APCI PHARMA uses it only to process your order or to follow up on your requests.

Under the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector, the law grants you certain rights in regards to the confidentiality of personal information that you send us:

Respect the confidentiality of personal information.

Access to information and to your personal information.

Rectification of your personal information, if it is incomplete, incorrect, equivocal or if its collection, its communication or conservation are unauthorised by law.

Security protocol

We will not send out any personal information through unsecured email. Likewise, you should not send confidential information through email unless the connexion is secure. A connexion is deemed secure when the address in the address bar begins by « https » and the security seal (a closed padlock or key) is shown by your browser.

For credit card transactions, APCI PHARMA uses a SSL secure platform (https protocol 256 bit encoding). This protocol allows an encoded internet exchange (TCP/IP) between the web surfer s browser and the web server in order to guaranty its confidentiality. This exchange s entire content is encoded upon transmission and decoded upon reception. This being a bidirectional exchange, both the browser and the web server interchangeably act as transmitter and receptor.

If you use our online services, please read the Terms of Use section to learn about your rights and obligations.

Links to other websites

1 Our website may contain links to other websites. When you click on these links, a new window will open to show you these sites. When you access other websites, please remember that they are not subject to this confidentiality policy.

Questions and comments regarding this confidentiality policy

If you need more information, have comments about APCI PHARMA confidentiality policy, or if you want to lodge a complaint because you feel this policy has not been properly applied, please write to us at the following address:

3330 Ridgeway Dr., Unit #12
Mississauga, ON
L5L 5Z9

or communicate with our client services through the « Contact Us » section.

[1] The IP address data collection is done by APCI PHARMA s host server. At APCI PHARMA, no employees other than those assigned to the website have access to the IP address of the web surfers. In principle, the IP address does not identify the web surfer. However, if this data is linked to other information, such as an e-mail sent to APCI PHARMA, the association of both these informations could allow the identification of the user. Nevertheless, the fact that your IP address can change each time you log on makes this association practically impossible. Moreover, we guarantee that no such associations will be made by our employees. The law provides a right of access and rectification when personal information is obtained

[2] APCI PHARMA usually does not monitor its employees’ electronic communications, but reserves its rights to do so if it feels it is in its best interest or if it has been directed to do so, by law or by a Court order, or if it has reasonable doubts that an employee has, or is about to commit a crime or other misdeed that could directly or indirectly harm APCI PHARMA. APCI PHARMA reserves its right to keep an employee s e-mail address after a reasonable period of time following his or her departure, in order to ensure that any important communications may be transferred to us. All personal communications shall be forwarded to the former employee s new e-mail address.

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